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Come browse around in my gallery to see some wonderful stuff I make!

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You can check out my favorites in this gallery that i think is cool!


3D Artwork (Mario only)
I can do certain Mario 3D artworks ask me which one you would like me to edit or something official for me to make.
Sprite Sheet
Anything you want as a sprite sheet.
A single aprite for anything you like not too high graphic like Partners in time or Bowser's inside story.
Avatar (Animated)
I will make your Deviantart Avatar GIF animated!
I will make a avatar here on Deviantart
I will draw something for you. Humans I am terrible at so anything that is animals is kinda easy for me.
Super Mario Bros. X Graphics
Graphics used for SMBX!
One Pose Sprite
Untitled by
If you wanna a sprite I will make one like that simply


Hyper Dark Raccoon Mario
Well I decided to make Hyper Raccoon Dark Mario a thing now.
He still flashes the same as White Raccoon Mario's but his overalls and hat are darker and they flash too unlike Hyper Raccoon Mario.
Hyper Raccoon Mario
This was a random idea i had. I actually see White Raccoon Mario being a canon variant to Star Spirit Mario (From SMBZ). So I decided to make a hyper variant based on Hyper Sonic from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I chose the yellow area to flash since yellow is a color and Hyper Sonic's yellow is instead a bunch of flashing colors and I actually think that turned out better then making the white areas flash even one of the color frames is yellow so it doesn't blend.
SMG4 Multiplayer *DOWNLOAD*
Here is the video!…

This was just a simple "joke" side project I wanted to make. If you know Skelux the creator of Super Mario 64 Multiplayer he made the original mod where you can play multiplayer in Super Mario 64 and Luigi would be the second playable here.…

Well I edited his mod to make SMG4 and now you wonder who that orange guy is? Well this is a rather appropriate version of SMG4's brother SLG4 (superluigiglitchy4)

I am aware that there was another SLG4 though he is a very unrecognizable character nowadays since he is dead from the series confirmed by SMG4 himself. He was also not SMG4s real brother either. SLG4 claims to be no one's brother, but since Dr. Mario said that SMG4 and SLG4's DNA matched, this is most likely untrue, and must mean that he is SMG4's evil younger brother. Though this could've also been a mistake as Dr. Mario is a fake doctor.

The evil SLG4 was color reverse from SMG4 though that color would of made more sense for SMG4's fire form and since we didn't have Cjes's Luigi model back then he was more of a Mario recolor then the true Luigi recolor he also wanted to kill SMG4 and ironcally he hates plumbers.…

So I had a better idea! Make him Orange!
Now why is he orange? Well this one I had a several reasons why i chose that color.

Mario and Luigi are complimentary colors from each other in the color wheel, this also applies to Wario and Waluigi, SMG4 is Blue so orange happened to be the color to each other here.…

He was inspired by SMG4s real older brother "Kevin" who was seen wearing orange and beige as well.…
He even voices Fishy Bopkins (Who is a Spike) as seen in some videos of his impression on SMG4's channel and ironically he actually doesn't like the character.

Interestingly despite being inactive on YouTube, the channel "Super Hobo Bros" has a Logo of Kevin on there but no cap but he does have Luigi's Mustache so it would be cool if he had the orange cap to be consistent to his younger brother.…

SLG4 was also inspired by the Yellow Mario from the GBA Mario Bros battle mode. But since Wario is already Yellow, orange was another color that came to mind.
This is similar to how SMG4 used the color from that Blue Mario in that game as well.…

Additionally if SMG4 made like a Stupid Mario Kart Double Dash who would his partner be? So there is when i decided to make SLG4.


Special thanks to Skelux and Quasmok!
Subcon Villains Modernized
UPDATE: I have changed a bit of the Subcon villains design. see details below. The Birdos now have there colored bows seen in spin-offs.

I really liked the bosses in Super Mario Bros. 2, because they were unique and they were not Koopa Species that time in the game and Wart was the only other villain in the main Super Mario series.
I know the enemies and bosses first were in a original game known "Doki Doki Panic" which was a different game released for the Famicom in Japan 1987, Then we got our own Super Mario Bros. 2 in the west since the original Japanese Super Mario Bros. sequel, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, was deemed too similar to the original and too difficult for overseas players. Well the Super Mario Bros. 2 we got is what I call the true sequel because it was more creative and was unique. Stupid haters think the game sucks because it was too different and was merged from that DDP (abbreviation of the original game) fans are just gonna find a way to complain anyways in a dumb way even for Super Mario Sunshine. Eventually, the altered Mario version of Doki Doki Panic was released in Japan as well, under the title Super Mario USA. Doki Doki Panic is pretty much dead therefore the enemies and bosses and everything else from that game now belongs in the Mario universe, to be honest they fit in the Mario universe quite well actually. I would of loved Imajin, Lana, Mama, Papa etc. to appear in the Mario series but since they were only made in Japan and are very unknown to western audiences they have been forgotten for good. It would of added more humans and females in the games then. To me they kinda fit for the Mario series. Even this image sure shows Mario and Imajin getting along ;)…
Hell! We need some villains like them and Wart can easily come back in the main Mario games being a villain sometimes too. I know it's a trend for Bowser and the Koopa minions but they seriously need a break. I would love the Subcon bosses to appear in a future Mario Kart title as playables.

Lots of enemies from Super Mario Bros. 2 are being used in lots of Mario games and since some of the enemies are appearing, since SMB2 took place in a dream, it's possible for the bosses to become reality too since the enemies have become reality as well. and these are the followings that are reality. Shy Guys, Snifits (though they need to be outside of the new Paper Mario games more), Bob-ombs, Pokeys, Cobrat (Yes they have been frequently appearing though they need to be in more games, they are also green instead of red nowadays) Ninjis and Birdo(s)

So far the only enemies that yet need to return are these foes.

-Porcupo (Though there too similar to Spinies, maybe they can shoot out straight and diagonal spikes from there quills after they duck)

So besides all of that I redesigned some of the bosses and made several new ones. I used the All Star Sprites of the bosses and gave them some custom colors and broke the palette limit. i didn't like there new colors in the game. i know it was the SNES hardware that can display up to 16 colors per palette row.

Mouser - I only gave him red shoes, pink gloves, ears and a beige colored tail. Mouser can easily drive a kart since he has arms.

Tryclyde - I changed him back to red with black stripes like in the NES version to differ how he was teal/green in the ports/remakes and made him to also differ from the modern green cobrats, additionally i gave all three of the heads there own personalities. The tall big one has a short temper and has larger fangs, the left head is female (Because the only female bosses in SMB2 were just Birdos and if counting the advance version is Robirdo, but none of the main bosses were female so there was one way to solve it) with short fangs though sometimes doesn't get along with the right side head,
and the right one was inspired by this:…
He is a nerd with glasses and dashed eyes and has buck teeth.
His left and right heads use there mouth to drive the wheel.

Robirdo - A boss that was in World 3 in the Advance version of Super Mario Bros. 2. The spots on her cheeks are simply big bolts but nothing else unless it needs to change. Robirdo would be an odd choice to drive but since she has arms not a problem. Info about her is here.

Fry Guy- Nothing really much needs to change on him except he now has a dark blue mask. Despite not appearing in the newer Mario games, an enemy from Super Mario 3D World resembles him showing how he could look like and also maybe a reference to him.
He can probably drive either with telepathic powers or his tongue since he is a spirit like King Boo.

Albino Mouser - No I didn't make up this variant up. He was only in Doki Doki Panic (Japan only) as the 5th boss of the game. Though, the albino white Mouser boss was replaced with Clawgrip (Making him the only exclusive SMB2 boss didn't appear in Doki Doki Panic). This change was in tune with the decision to release the edited Doki Doki Panic in place of the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, which Nintendo of Japan feared was too hard for European and American gamers. Because that Mouser was very hard to fight. For his design he is an Albino colored Mouser with blue shoes and shades, aqua-green gloves, a pink tail, a pink nose and beige ears. He would be a cool costume for Mouser in a Mario Kart game.

Red Robirdo - She would shoot both Giant Eggs and Fire otherwise mostly behaves like it's pink counterpart. She would be a cool costume in a Mario Kart game.

Clawgrip - He wears a green bandanna (The bosses in SMB2 other than Tryclyde, till i redesigned him has at last one wearable item) similar to his appearance from the SMB: Super Show, which fits since he has a pirate accent in the GBA remake of Super Mario Bros. 2… he is the only boss that didn't appear in Doki Doki Panic as there was a white mouser in that game but as stated before too hard to fight. Not much of a change but he mostly looks the same from his artwork but the under belly is now beige and white pinchers.…
He can oddly drive with his pincers. Lets hope he doesn't break the wheel xD 

Green Robirdo - This tough boss will always shoot giant fireballs so just throw mushroom blocks at it to defeat it. She would be a cool costume in a Mario Kart game.

Mask Gate - This bird mask was a boss only in the final level and was needed to be defeated to enter Wart's room and to fight him. Though 
Mask Gates are the goals in Super Mario Bros. 2 by eating you after you get a Crystal Ball which are mostly guarded by Birdos. Would be a funky choice for a character to race as but i honestly don't see that happening it was probably just a trap boss by Wart.

Wart - I didn't change him much. I was gonna give him a red cape but I thought he would look too much like King K Rool. I was gonna do some shade of purple but I think he looks fine with a blue cape. I also made him a face emblem like Bowser but i am not sure if that will be his emblem in future games since he is not a koopa unlike Bowser's family/minions excluding kamek. If it's really gonna be his emblem then green would be a good color for him since it would be complimentary to Bowser's Red. (guess that mean I will make my emblem light grey if that becomes official). Wart as a racer in a Mario kart game would be radical.

FUN FACT: All the Bosses except for the Birdos and Robirdo were voices by Charles Martinet the actor who did Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, The Baby Mario Bros and Toadsworth.
It would be cool if he would voice them in future games but it would probably be a lot of money and work so maybe new voice actors could probably do the Subcon Villains.

Credits to :iconlegend-tony980: for the Wart emblem and Warts better designed eyes.
My Sonic Acceptance Sheet
WARNING!!!: Rabby Sonic fanboys/haters are not welcomed here, please think before you comment and don't like? Don't comment, simple! because I really despise the fandom a lot and I really can't stand it. I will either block you or flag your comments so please no rude comments thank you. You have been warned. Deal with it there my preferences. :icondealwithitplz: If this gets out of hand then i will just simply disable the comments otherwise. :/
I am not trying to be rude so don't get offended if you think I am targeting you, I am not really.

To celebrate the release of Sonic Mania, I decided to make a list of what Sonic characters I like and dislike.

I don't care once again if I purely didn't make my own artwork, I can't draw well and sprites wouldn't look good to look as a preference sheet and be too time consuming for me to make a preference sheet.

Again the yellow lines means that I am neutral or questioned.

Now mostly I paired some differently let's say based on a trio team kinda like Sonic Heroes to make them arranged while some are not a team. because I was having trouble with who to pick since they have no partner yet. You can ask me why I like them and why I don't but politely please :)

Would you like me to make a Classic and Boom series list of those characters I like? Then comment below!

Feel free to use and edit this for yourself.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


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Hello everyone! My name is Geoshi. I'm a Sprite artist, who also loves video games, I do sometimes have a interest of baking as well. I am a very friendly person as well I am more talkable on the internet then in real life due to my shy nature. I do love helping my friends the best I can with pleasure ;)

Favorite video game series: Mario, Donkey Kong, Wario, Yoshi Sonic, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Pikmin, Smash Bros Series, Team Fortress 2,

Favorite games (in no order)

Mario Series: Super Mario World, Super Mario Land 2, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario Advance series, Super Mario 64 (and DS), Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Super Sluggers, Mario Kart Double Dash, Dr. Mario 64, Dr. Mario Miracle Cure, Dr. Luigi, Paper Mario (64), Super Paper Mario, Paper Mario Color Splash, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Mario Party 2, Mario Party 5, Mario Party 8, Mario Party 10, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge, Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, Luigi's Mansion and Dark Moon, and Super Princess Peach.

Donkey Kong Series: Donkey Kong 64, Donkey Kong Country 1 & 3, Donkey Kong Land Donkey Kong Country 3, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Wario Series: Wario Land, Wario Land 4 , Wario Land Shake It, Wario World, Wario Woods (SNES), Wario: Master of Disguise, WarioWare: D.I.Y. and WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

Yoshi Series: Yoshi's Island (SNES), Yoshi Safari, Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's Cookie (SNES), and Poochy & Yoshi's Wolly World.

The Legend Of Zelda Series: Ocarina Of Time, The Windwaker (HD), Link's Awakening Skyward Sword, TLOZ: A Link Between Worlds,

Sonic The Hedgehog Series: Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors, Sonic Heros, and Sonic Adventure 2

Kirby Series: Kirby 64, Kirby Superstar Ultra (better then SNES), Kirby Planet Robobot, Kirby Squeak Squad, and Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Pikmin Series: Pikmin 2 and 3

Favorite Super Smash Bros Games: Brawl and 4.

Do you know every Super Mario power up? Take the quiz!

NSMBWii - Roulete Block by… NSMBWii - Roulete Block by Painbooster1

:icontableflipplz: Get these games out of my face!

:icontableflipplz: Donkey Kong Country 2 (GBA remake is better though)
:icontableflipplz: Paper Mario Sticker Star (Weakest Paper Mario game ever)
:icontableflipplz: Mario Pinball Land
:icontableflipplz: Mario Party Island Tour
:icontableflipplz: Yoshi's New Island
:icontableflipplz: The Mainstream Pokemon games
:icontableflipplz: Mario Golf (64)
:icontableflipplz: Mario Tennis 64)
:icontableflipplz: Star Fox Command
:icontableflipplz: Super Mario Kart
:icontableflipplz: Sonic The Hedgehog 2006
:icontableflipplz: Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)
:icontableflipplz: Mario Vs Donkey Kong: March of The Mini's again, and Mini-Land Mayhem
:icontableflipplz: Mario Kart Super Circuit
:icontableflipplz: Zelda II
:icontableflipplz: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
:icontableflipplz: Fire Emblem Series (Too much fan service and Smash Bros 4 added way too many characters at once)

:icontableflipplz: Undertale (The Fan Base is cancer)
:icontableflipplz: Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (such a downgraded port)
:icontableflipplz: Final Fantasy Series (Overated)
:icontableflipplz: Five Nights at Freddy's (Horrible Fan Base)

There's probably more, but I'll think about it later.

Watchers I Know in real life: :iconmegamidbus:, :iconunicornsaretasty: :iconfoxgamer: :iconluigiman35: :iconkirsche-hawthorn:

My Brothers: :iconfaisalden: :dededeman7: :iconwaver92:

My Nephew: :PoisndartDragoon:…

Rules on my page:

1. Don't steal any of my art unless you credit me and ask my persmissiong
2. No Trolling or Spamming my page thanks.
3. Don't criticize me I am doing my best with my crappy drawings and I am improving a bit.
4. Please no rude comments or I will flag you!
5. If I am making a drawing or a sprite don't even think of ripping off my art just because you want me to improve it and saying in the description that it sucks.

6. If you don't like my art you have no reason to say it sucks which means you fail.

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I originally lost the original journal for the ideas but I am going to remake it and better than ever! This really took a long time as well, so I really hope you enjoy reading these unique and fitting ideas! I took really hard efforts at it on this one with some friends too!

EDIT: Oh how could I forget the most important features in a Mario Kart game! Check the vehicle categories before the weight class info.

Mario Kart Double Dash is my favorite Mario Kart game out of all in the series and Nintendo should either make another game (more wisely) like it or make a mode in a new title (which would unlikely happen since that is a lot of work) in Mario Kart 10. Mario Kart 9 should keep the traditional one seat racing since handhelds are less powerful to handle the graphic space for the duo race concept and have the Double Dash!! version for the 10th Mario Kart title! 
Below is a list of ideas for the main character combination, weight class and the special items they get to have.

As always there is Gliders, Submariner Mode and Anti-Gravity Mode, Customizing Karts and a new Drill Mode digging under sub-terrains (an element that was scrapped in Mario Kart 8 replaced by the anti-gravity mechanic) and a Hover Craft Mode that you can ride over the deep seas (even if the race takes place over the sea) and logically the lava too and other types of body liquids! Waves will appear from other racers which you can perform tricks off of for more mini speed boosts. (I know it's similar to Anti-gravity mode but going underwater as well wasn't too different either from being on land besides there temporary)

The Double Dash duo mechanic is the oldest mechanic in the classic Mario Kart games that hasn't been used again in the future games. That is why I want it back. I do not really expect all these ideas to be used at once in some form of way in a future Mario kart game of course, but that could likely be possible for some of them. Just ideas what each duo and special items can be quite realistically. If you guys wants me to improve let me know, Even if there is grammar or spelling mistakes. Since this Journal is hard to see with so much text in my face :P

Now it's actually possible for another Double Dash duo race to return in a future Mario Kart game according to the Producer of Mario Kart 8 Hideki Konno. 
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brought back a ton of elements like Double Item Boxes, Bob-omb Blast, Shine Thief and Luigi's Mansion battle arena reappears as a retro battle stage! GBA Rainbow Road would likely appear in the next handheld title seeing how the Retro Rainbow Roads returning are in historical order so that means Mario kart 10 would use Double Dashes Rainbow Road next! This would certainly be a good time to use the Double Duo mechanic again! The producer also says that maybe three players could work together in a kart and think of cool mechanics for it maybe. (That would be quite chaotic and triple item boxes will be made oh boy lol, I rather call that Mario Kart Triple Blast :P)…

Now I think for this game having 8 players per race is good enough like the older Mario kart games, since it would be way too chaotic and could possibly lag. Like that is 16 racers and if there is 12 racers that would be 24 and that would be quite a lot :P 

Vehicle Parts
Body: Karts, Bikes (The back person will be behind like this but minus the back person holding the driver there will be another handel they can hold and not so close to each other either.) and ATV.
Decals (replaces the characters default emblems on there karts when used, if the future console adds a touch screen please bring back the customize emblem maker!)

Weight Class
(L)= Light
(M)= Medium
(H)= Heavy

Note: Some special items can hit yourself.

--Returning Double Drivers--

1. Mario & Luigi (M) = Fire Flower and Ice Flower (NEW): It can let you shoots Fireballs for 10 seconds once a rival is hit they will spin like they are hit they spin like they ran over a banana, Mario can only use the Fire Flower. For the Ice Flower it can shoot Iceballs for 10 seconds and can freeze rivals for 3 seconds. The frozen person can mash the A button to break free quicker, Luigi can only use the Ice Flower.
Costume: Fire Mario & Ice Luigi

2. Peach & Daisy (M) = Heart and Flower (NEW): Like in Double Dash, it can protect you from items and on contact towards them you can steal up to two items. However there is only one heart that spins fast while the flowers spins half slower and there is two flowers spinning at once. Obviously Peach can only use the hearts while Daisy uses the Flowers.

3. Yoshi & Birdo (M) = Yoshi & Birdo Egg: When thrown, both the Egg will home on the next place racer. If a player uses it while first, the egg will just follow down the track and break. Unlike the Red Shell, there is a certain amount of distance an egg needs before it cracks, and the red shell is continuous until it either goes off the course, goes into a wall, or hits the player. When it breaks, three random items will get thrown out, which can be Green Shells, Mushrooms, Bananas, Fake Item Boxes, Stars, or Bob-ombs. Birdo's Egg would likely use this design instead. 
Costume: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, Black, White, Orange and Purple Yoshis and Birdos. (The Egg spots will change color too)

4. Baby Mario & Baby Luigi (L) = Big Bubble Wand (NEW) and Small Bubble Wand (NEW)= Baby Mario can only use the big light blue bubble wand that spawns 5 slow moving big Bubbles that will come out of the wand at one use. Once a player gets in contact with them they will be trapped for 5 seconds and depending on the direction they will either move slowly back or forward. Baby Luigi can only use a small light green bubble wand that spawns 10 fast moving small Bubbles that will come out of the wand at one use. Once a player gets in contact with them they will be tumble in the direction it was shot from.

5. Koopa Troopa & Koopa Paratroopa (L) = Triple Red & Triple Green Shells: Shoots three straight Green Shells or three Red homing Red Shells.

6. DK & Diddy Kong (H & M) = Big Banana and Triple Banana: Drop a big banana peel after going in contact, it splits into smaller three bananas. (Can i have a banana split now XD)? Only Donkey Kong can use the Big Banana. While Diddy Kong can drop 3 small Bananas.

7. Bowser & Bowser Jr (H & M) = Bowser Shell and Jr. Shell (NEW)= Like a green shell but it won't disappear when hit on contact it will keep spinning for a while. The Junior shell is a smaller version of Bowser's shell.

8. Wario & Waluigi (H & M) = Garlic Bomb (NEW) and Eggplant Bomb (NEW): The Garlic Bomb will have light yellow smoke covering up the some of the racers and slightly lighten your screen up so you have trouble seeing where your going, This can only be used by Wario. The Eggplant bomb does the opposite so there is purple smoke covering you and slightly darkens your screen making it also hard to see, this special item is for Waluigi only.

9. Toad & Toadette (L) = Poison Mushroom and Mini Mushroom (NEW)= Thrown like a banana, but shrinks the player on contact and players will try to crush you (like in Super Mario Kart for the CPUs of Peach and Toad can only use). However if you go near the Poison Mushroom it will chase you until you go farther or if it touches you, this item can only be used for Toad. The Mini Mushroom acts the same the only difference is that it won't chase the player, though only Toadette can use it.

 Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple Toads.

10. King Boo & Petey Piranha (H)= Boo & Piranha Plant: They get their own items now! Boo makes the duo invisible temporarily and it will steal a random item (if a rival has an item) from the rival team, which can be used only by King Boo and the Piranha Plant bites rivals and eats some items on the ground and gives mini speed boosts like in Mario Kart 8, this item can be used by Petey Piranha only.

--New Double Drivers--

11. Pauline and Rosalina (NEW) (H)= Mini Pauline (NEW) and Luma (Yellow) (NEW): You can use the Mini Pauline as a shield and you can also drop them. Once you drop it, the only thing they'll do is move around (just like the Bob-omb except they don't explode). Once dropped, they won't attack unless someone hits it with an item. Running into them will only disappear while you just crash and tumble resulting in destroying the toy. For the Luma it does the opposite, running over it (it can also be dropped in the air during gliding) will attack you causing you to spin from its star spin attack, It can also deflect items with its Star Spin Attack back at you if an item shot from you hits the Luma.

I had a ton of reasons why I chose them as a duo because both of these female characters don't have a partner each and who would fit for them? I could choose Lubba from Super Mario Galaxy 2 but then it would be a problem for Pauline to have an appropriate partner (Not choosing Cranky Kong hahahaha). My reasons for choosing Rosalina paired with Pauline is because, they both have the same hair color as Peach and Daisy but Rosalina has lighter yellow while Pauline is darker brown, there both leaders of a place and they are not princesses (Rosalina may look like one because of the dress and crown but she isn't truly royalty, oddly some manuals addresses her as one), They both are being used in recent games now while Pauline's character has grown now thanks to Super Mario Odyssey and goes well with the common Red and Blue colors.
These photoshopped Joycons (top left there the first ones there) also gave me the ideas as well mainly and I think it works (if only those Joycons are real <:D

12. Boom Boom (NEW) & Pom Pom= (NEW) (H) = Double Cherry (NEW): Makes another clone driver appear next to you but they stay connected next to you and copy your controls. They can allow you to get two items when they both touch a single item box (three if one of them gets a double item box or four if both of them touch the rare double item box however double item boxes rarely appear near each other) always since both you and the clone touches one of the Item Boxes however this effect works once. However if you get hit with the clone you don't get hurt but the clone disappears. Another catch is that you will only get traditional items you won't get another special one. (That would be OP to keep getting Double Cherries)

13. Shy Guy & Fly Guy (L) (NEW) = Spear (NEW) and Throw Spear (NEW): The Spear can jab at players from the back only, causing them to back flip back. Try not to go close that spear is a little long to reach at the player, The Spear can only be used by Shy Guy. Fly Guys can only use the Throw Spear. It allows Fly Guy to toss the spear backwards only but it will flip the users back as well.

 Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, Black, White, Orange and Purple Shy Guys and Fly Guys.

14. Tanooki Mario & Kitsune Luigi (NEW) (M) = Super Leaf: Like in Mario Kart 7, They create a Tanooki tail on the back of the kart which doubles as an offensive and defensive feature. it can swing the tail which can hit other karts and protect the player's kart from other items such as Green Shells. However, if the tail is hit by shells while idle, it disappears. When activated, the Super Leaf lasts for 10 seconds, or until the player spins out, tumbles over, or is hit by a Spiny Shell. The tail replaces the kart's propeller when used underwater, and it lengthens air glides. When Kitsune Luigi uses the Super Leaf they get a Kitsune Tail for their Kart with no difference other than a different tail.

15. Cat Peach & Cat Rosalina (NEW) (M & H) = Super Bell (NEW): A cat paw appears in front of the kart and scratches anything in front works like the Super Leaf, 
minus the spinning around the kart and it can only protect you from the front.

16. Metal Mario & Metal Luigi (NEW) (H) = Gold (NEW) and Silver Flower (NEW): Can shoot three big golden/silver Fireballs and explodes after bouncing three times and steals 3 coins from the rival when the rival is hit from it rather than dropping them, this even happens when they touch the explosion. Gold Fireballs only applies to Metal Mario while Metal Luigi shoots Silver Fireballs otherwise they act the same.

 Gold Mario and Silver Luigi

17. Dr. Mario (NEW) & Dr. Luigi (NEW) (M) = Red+Blue (NEW) and Magenta+Cyan Mega Vitamins (NEW): Works like the original fireballs from Double Dash but pills instead. The different colors work the same.

NOTE: Longest note to explain! I know the cloning trend is really stupid and boring since Mario Kart 7, Yes I agree but knowing Nintendo they will make them quite likely. My list is meant to be realistic on what they can choose quite likely. But I had plans to balance the clones from being multiple Mario and Peach clones. I rather have Metal Mario paired to Metal Luigi then that stupid rusty bolt Pink Gold Peach like she didn't even start out as a power up unlike the Metal Bros (though Luigi never appeared in Super Mario 64 but some games he gets the metal form). I realize they have lots of Mario clones in Mario Kart 8/Deluxe just because he is the main character which is Metal Mario (Gold Mario is a costume of him in the Deluxe version) Tanooki Mario, and Baby Mario (if you want to count it but he is mostly a semi-clone since he is mostly his own character of an infant). I decided to balance it down with just Metal, Tanooki Mario and Baby Mario. in Mario Kart 8/Deluxe there was just Peach, Pink Gold Peach, Cat Peach and Baby Peach (semi-clone mainly). I think just Baby and Cat Peach are good enough. To give Tanooki Mario a partner rather then Cat Peach, I thought of Kitsune Luigi and Metal Mario having Metal Luigi instead of Pink Gold Peach and Cat Peach to have Cat Rosalina instead as the female cat duo! not to mention there special items would give them unique benefits. So clones in a double dash game could be interesting.

I may know why Nintendo makes clones instead of making original ones nowadays. Not 100% confirmed and neither am i defending them. 
Since they always have to make a new engine for every new Mario kart game to give it a new balance and feel. It's a lot of money in their budget to get someone on the team to make a new character model and likely they had a lot of money back in the old days to make lots of new ones for us. But also it additionally takes a lot of time and effort modeling is not easy then you think. Why do you think 3D animation class in school exist? Unless Nintendo someday makes a good explanation on the clones to be clear and where Metal Mario comes from i will likely forgive them. They only have so much on their team and have to get another different game done in their schedule too. It's not really so much that there lazy many people claim. If you worked for Nintendo it's likely you would know the reason but if you don't believe me well...that's your problem. ^^;

So in all that makes...

3 Mario clones (4 if you want to count Baby Mario)
1 Peach clone (2 if counting Baby Peach)
1 Rosalina clone (2 if counting Baby Rosalina)
3 Luigi clones (4 if you want to count Baby Luigi)

18. Dry Bowser & Dry Bones (H & L) = Small Bone (NEW) & Big Bone (NEW): Works similar to the Boomerang Flower from Mario Kart 8. The small one can be used three times and it's speed is fast when thrown but a little tricky to figure out aiming and the big one can be used once but due to its major size it has an easier chance of getting the rival though it's throw speed is slower.

19. Wiggler & Flutter (H) (NEW) = Angry Sun (NEW): Makes your kart appear in a fire aura and also makes your kart go in a mini speed boost (which is not as fast as using a Super Star) the only difference from the Super Star is that your not invisible to items and obstacles and you’re not as fast. Additionally you can speed through racers, it won't tumble them but push them back a bit. (Wiggler and Flutter will be angry when they use this item).

20. Baby Peach & Baby Daisy (L) = Mega Mushroom: Makes you a giant and you can run over rivals and crush them and makes you invisible except for powerful items such as Bullet Bills or players utilized with Stars that can still knock enlarged characters aside. Getting hit by Lightning shrinks the enlarged players back to their normal size, as opposed to making them tiny or even being immune to it.

NOTE: Couldn't think of what Baby Peach and Baby Daisy's special item should be. Since Baby Mario and Baby Luigi had a Chain Chomp as there chaotic item. I thought a Mega Mushroom would fit since they both debuted with that item in a Mario Kart game. On a side note Baby Mario & Baby Luigi no longer have the Chain Chomp item on my list.

21. Baby Rosalina & Baby Pauline (Debut) (L) = Star Bits (NEW) and Mini Barrels (NEW): Baby Rosalina can only shoot unlimited Star Bits for 10 seconds that can only be shot straight at players causing them to spin. Baby Pauline can only roll down unlimited Mini Barrels for 10 seconds they act like Green Shells but a random item (or nothing sometimes) will break out, additionally they break in one hit from a rival or wall. They both can be shot front or back.

Even though I am not a big fan of princess baby semi-clones other than Baby Peach (most people would agree). if Pauline is in the game no doubt that a Baby Pauline is gonna happen...Well lucky Baby Rosalina gets a partner...But I do really wish they stop making more baby characters just for Mario Kart games only. All of the other baby characters that appeared in Yoshi's island and RPGs first are acceptable since they appeared in other games and have more of a personality. However the babies are a bit more original then re-textured clones.

22. Baby Yoshi (NEW) & Plessie (NEW) (L & H) = Soap Bar (NEW) and Water Drop (NEW) Baby Yoshi will slide a small bar of blue soap and if slides towards the rivals, the soap will slip under the racers and it will cause the tires to be slippery making it tricky to drive. Baby Yoshi can slide the soap straight like a green shell. Plessie can use the big water drop to create a big puddle and once a racer runs over it, it will slow them down. Plessie can either drop the water drop backwards or throw it like a banana in an ark.
23. Hammer Bro (NEW) & Sledge Bro (NEW) (H & M) = Hammer (NEW) and Sledge Hammer (NEW): You can shoot unlimited hammers (one shot at a time until it breaks) for 30 seconds in an ark and it will home on the player in front of them causing them to spin while the Sledge Hammer crushes them though it can only be shot half farther then the normal hammer though.

24 .Dixie Kong (NEW) & Tiny Kong (NEW) (M & H) = Bubble Gum Popgun (NEW) and Feather Bow (NEW): Can be shot quite far and very fast until it hits a player or a wall. The feathers will spin the players. While the Gumballs will flip them.

25. King K. Rool (NEW) & Kritter (NEW) (H & M) = TNT Barrel (NEW): Can be shot forwards and backwards so it can home in on other players like the Green Shell or drop it in the road. Explodes upon collision.

GreenRed, Blue, and Brown Kritters.

26. Lakitu & Spike (NEW) (L) = Spike Ball (NEW) & Spiny Egg (NEW): The Spike Balls that Spike can only use, can either be tossed forward which they will roll straight or they can be dropped and will stay stationary (A Throwback to how you can drop Green Shells in Super Mario Kart). Going in contact will flip you forward, though when it hits players while it rolls it will crush them. The Spiny Egg which can only be used by Lakitu does the same like Spike's Ball but once it bounces three times a Spiny will appear and when going near it will chase the player like a red shell.

Blue (Stone) Spike

27. Larry & Ludwig (M) = Orange Magic Wand (NEW) and Blue Magic Wand (NEW): Shoots three blasts of magic fireballs at once, like the original fireball items from Mario Kart: Double Dash, but they don't bounce only straight and can be used only once. Light blue magic fireballs can only be used by Larry with his orange wand and are slower when shot and Ludwig with his blue wand can only shoot dark blue magic fireballs and are fast when shot. Once it hits a user upon contact it will simply spin them.

28. Wendy & Roy (M & H) = Candy Ring (NEW) and Bullet Bazooka (NEW): Wendy only shoots a big slow straight ring and if it goes near enough to a rival the ring will go over over them and crush them sideways making it more difficult to drive and get item boxes since you may have a chance to get between them. But you won't get hurt easily. Roy can only use the Bill Bazooka and it can shoot an explosive Bulls-Eye Bill which homes on the player and is a lot faster than a Red Shell, when hit on contact it will tumble the racer. 

29. Iggy & Lemmy (M & L) = Chain Chomp and Rubber Ball (NEW): The Chain Chomp can only be used by Iggy, it will automatically pull the duo and try to smack into more players in a chaotic drag allowing the Chain attached to the kart to move automatically and uncontrollably. It last longer than the bullet bull and is a little slower too. The Rubber Ball behaves similar but under the kart and you still need to drive. Running over the rivals with the ball results the rivals being crushed instead.

30. Morton & Boss Sumo Bro. (NEW) (H & M) = Blue POW Block (behavior swapped) and Red POW Block (behavior swapped) (NEW): When dispatched by a player, all racers ahead of the user finds a Red POW Blocks above their karts. The POW Block makes players spin out in a similar way to that caused by a Banana Peel, except that they lose all of their current items and they come to a complete stop if it hits them. Players will not be affected by the POW Block if the third strike goes off while they are in mid-air. Players can also avoid it by starting a wheelie, or shaking their controller (like doing a jump trick) right when the third strike goes off. By doing this, they still spin out and lose items, but retain their momentum. It is also possible to avoid it by doing a hop right at the third strike but requires perfect timing. When players have a Star, Mega Mushroom, or Bullet Bill activated, they will not get affected by the POW block. The Red POW Block can only be used by Morton. The Blue POW Block can be thrown front or backwards and it causes a shockwave explosion ring and when touching the shockwaves it will spin the rivals. It can be avoided if jumped over on the very right which is the only way to avoid it but is more difficult then the Red POW Block.

31. Kamek (NEW) & Chargin' Chuck (NEW) (Or Baby Bowser (L) (NEW) if Nintendo used part of my redesign of him to avoid confusion from Bowser Jr, his special item would be a Fireball which is similar to Super Mario Karts item which adult Bowser shot as a CPU player only, it will be thrown and it will move left and right once it lands on the ground making it hard to avoid) (M & H) = Magic Scepter (NEW) and Baseball (NEW): Kamek can shoot one magic fireball at once but he can shoot unlimited of those projectiles and if a player goes in contact with them the item they will get from the item boxes is a banana when they touch the item box once and Chargin' Chuck can pitch three small baseball at the players flipping them when hit.

32. Pianta (NEW) & Noki (NEW) (H & L) = Shine Sprites (NEW) (Since Shine Thief is replaced and i couldn't think of what else for them to use. So a Shine Sprite came to mind) (NEW): This items just protects you from items and making you bright but it's more treated like a real shield and you’re not invincible from smacking into players. Additionally you can get speed boosts from drifting in any colored spark when the Shine Sprite is active. It's temporary for 30 seconds.

Costumes: Blue, Pink and Yellow Piantas and Blue, Red and Green Nokis

33. King Bob-Omb (NEW) & Whomp King (NEW) (H) = Triple Bob-ombs (NEW) and Whomp (NEW) (Spiky Appearance)Shoot three Bob-ombs otherwise behaves like the singular one, These can fittingly be used by King Bob-omb only. The Whomps can either be dropped or thrown and they will wait until the rival goes in front of them and doing so will get you crushed. This item can only be used by the Whomp King.

34. Toadsworth (NEW) & Toadnana (Debut) (L) = Toadstools (NEW) (Brown and beige spots for Toadsworth and also beige with brown spots for Toadnana): Plant a tiny brown Toadstool on the ground and if a racer runs over it, they will be sent straight in the air by being bounced up. Toadsworth bounces the player a bit high, while Toadnana's bounces them a little high.

35. Nabbit (NEW) & Bandit (NEW) (M) = Item Sack (NEW) and Coin Sack (NEW): Nabbit can only steal items from a rival when he swipes the bag open at the rivals causing them to lose either one or two items. Bandit can use his Coin Sack which behaves similar to Nabbit's Item Sack but it can steal 3 Coins (or if there shorter than that number) from a rival when swiping the opened bag at the player.

36. Miis (weight class is based on size and Special items is based on colored shirt)

Red= Fire Flower
Orange= Mega Mushroom*
Yellow= Giant Banana
Light Green= Yoshi Egg
Green= Bowser Shell
Light Blue= Ice Flower*
Blue= Mini Mushroom*
Pink= Heart
Purple= Eggplant Bomb*
Brown= Super Leaf
Black= Triple Bob-Omb*
White= Garlic Bomb*

*- From the new special item

--DLC Crossover Drivers--

37. Link and Zelda (NEW) (Based on their Skyward Sword appearance) (H) = Bombchu (NEW): Works mostly like a Red Shell though it doesn't hit walls, it climbs up but explodes on contact to the homed on rival.

38. Isabella and Villager (M) = Beehive (NEW): It can be shot straight and it will break once it hits the ground or wall and a swarm of bees appear once going in contact in the swarm will be around you slowing you down for five seconds.

39. Inkling Boy & Girl (M) = Splattershot Pro (NEW) and Splattershot (NEW) (colored ink based on the costume): Inkling Boy's Splattershot Pro can shoot a big gush of ink at the rivals causing a big splat to their view making the screen nearly covered and also make them flip or it can be shot on the ground in which that creates a big puddle of ink and if run over it will not only splat your screen but can be quite slippery. Inkling Girl's Splattershot can shoot a small gush of ink at the rivals causing a small splat to their view making the screen covered as much as a blooper would make and also make them flip or it can be shot on the ground in which that creates a small puddle of ink and if run over it will not only splat your screen but can be quite slippery.

 Orange, Lime Green, and Magenta Inkling Girl & Blue, Purple and Cyan Inkling Boy (skin colors are based on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)

40. Kirby (NEW) & King Dedede (NEW) (L & H) = Any Special item (A nod to copy abilities and Petey Piranha and King Boo getting any special items in the Gamecube title)

 Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, Black, White, Orange and Purple Kirby

--Basic Items--

Triple Mushrooms
Golden Mushroom 
Green Shell
Red Shell
Spiny Shell (No Wings) 
Super Horn 
Bullet Bill
Fake Item Box
Feather NOTE: Appears in battle only.
Coins (On the ground only and they can also be Rupees from Zelda, Bells from Animal Crossing, Stars from Kirby, and Coins from Splatoon) 

Retro Courses I want.

SNES - Vanilla Lake 2 (Perfect for going underwater)
GBA - Yoshi Desert (The only Yoshi Course in the Retro Cups not used, probably could hear modern yoshi sounds instead of classic ones in the remixed music)
GCN - Mushroom City and Rainbow Road (Because GCN Rainbow Road took place above Mushroom City)
DS - Mario Circuit and Bowser's Castle (the anti-gravity could work well for that spinning wheel section)
Wii - Toad's Factory, DK Summit 
3DS - Rock Rock Mountain and Cheep Cheep Lagoon
NS - Twisted Mansion, Water Park and Sunshine Airport 
Unnamed handheld Retro Courses - ??? ??? ???

Retro Battle Courses I want.

SNES Battle Course 3 (Vanilla Lake Theme)
GBA Battle Course 4 (Yoshi Desert Theme)
GCN Tilt-A-Kart
DS Nintendo DS
Wii Block Plaza
3DS Honey Hive
NS Dragon Palace
Unnamed handheld Retro Battle Courses - ???

Battle Modes I want.

Balloon Battle: Players must use items to hit the opposing player to pop one of the five balloons. If all balloons are popped, the player is out. Bringing back to however loses the balloons

Bob-Omb Blast: This mode features Bob-ombs as the only items obtainable in Item Boxes. If a player hits someone else with a Bob-omb, they earn a point, but if a player is hit by a Bob-omb, they lose a point. If they earn the necessary amount of points first, they win. To however has the most points wins this mode.

Moon Rush (NEW): (A lunar semi-counterpart to Shine Thief, since the Shine Sprite is a special item to Pianta and Noki now): In this new replaced mode, players have to go after 5 of their team colored Power Moons (Red or Blue depending on the team), They will lose one of their Power Moon if they get hurt and the lost Power Moon will temporary stay in its dropped spot for 10 seconds and if not recollected it will disappear and appear in a random spot. The goal is to get more Power Moons than the opponents. There's a timer in this mode and when it reaches zero, any players with the least amount of Power Moons get removed from the game. The process repeats until one player remains.

Coin Runners: Coins are scattered across the arena. Teams or players have to collect the most Coins before time runs out to win. Players lose Coins they've obtained if they get hit by items.

Renegade Mode: A battle option that returns from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the racers being divided into two teams. One team, known as "The Authorities", has to use Potted Piranha Plants (which are permanently attached to the front of their vehicle and only serve to capture the opposing team; they do not operate like the regular item) in order to attack and capture players from the other team, known as "The Renegades". Captured Renegades are transported into one of several cells floating above various points on the course, where they can drive around the inside of a small cage. Remaining Renegades can free teammates from the cells by driving over a key switch placed below said jail cells. The Renegades win if at least one member is still running free after the time runs out, and the Authorities win if all the Renegades get captured. The Authorities also temporarily lose their ability to capture if they are hit by items, and Renegades receive a speed boost when they are freed from the cell.

  • Listening to: Zelda Soundtracks
  • Playing: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (64)
  • Eating: Sun Chips and Mario Gummies
  • Drinking: Water


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